• NAME: Amiez-vous Brahms?
  • AUTHOR: Francoise Sagan
  • LANGUAGE: Croatian
  • PUBLISHER: Naprijed
  • PUBLISHED: 1959 (1976)
  • TRANSLATOR: Ana Prpić
  • PAGES: 162
  • STARS: 2 (1-5)
    Francoise Sagan

It was quite fatiguing. She really tortures everyone the reader and the characters.


This book is about a woman, Paule, which is about 40 years old and she is in some kind of a love triangle. She had a lover named Roger, but she left him because he cheated on her. She falls in love with a young man called Simon. She was with him but she loved Roger and he kinda loved her. So they are back again and he still cheats on her.

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